Kamis, 01 September 2011

To Die new album 2011

it's official that To Die will released their new album in within next month. We are excited enough to announce that the cd version will be available through our label along with Burn Records. Expect some nice packaging on this one. While the double floppy disc version will be out on US based label, Opaqus Records. They will released it on 2 different colours: black and white, there will be some special item for the collector item series too.
Also expect the split of To Die and Neid (Italian grind) will be on production within next month too. Will be out on tape through 3 labels: Tv Statis, Dynamite and tarung Records.

Oh by the way, the split from To Die and Sangsaka Worship is already out on Patirasa Records. check them out here, its free:

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