Kamis, 25 Agustus 2011

new project from To Die

yeah, to die is on fire!! first we are planned to release split with Sangsaka Worship on the Pati rasa Records. And there will be new album out on cdr by this label and the drummer's label, Burn Records. and also there will be Opaqus Records (USA)  http://opaqustapes.blogspot.com  which will released the new album in a double floppy disc in a 7" style cover. Labels interested for the tape or vinyl version, feel free to contact us or the band. Here's the band's FB:

LastKissToDieOfVisceroth is BACK!!!!

yeah, this band finally making decision to reunite again although several line up change is on the way. We are still going to mix those post rock and screamo mix just like we did in the past. Expect some new song will be recorded and used for forth coming project on this label. We are still looking for synthesizer player, hit us up here:


Rabu, 10 Agustus 2011

To Die new demo 2011

Just recorded 2 weeks ago. This is the new shit. Bass and drum power violence. This time we had Jay of Deadly Weapon/Lex Luthor The Hero and Wiman of Spider's Last Moment did a guest vocal on the last song.
Check it out:

And here is a link to the live video we did on our 2011 tour, at Homelesscore Semeru, Blitar. east Java.

Krakatau Steel live video

Krakatau Steel is me (Indra/menus), Bowo (The Southern Beach Terror), Ojie and Bagus both from Mortal Combat. We basically play sludge with some stoner touch. This is the only live gig we ever did back in 2009 at villa Nurdin, Bogor. After this line up Bowo decided to move to his homeland, Lombok so me and Bagus started Manhere which lean more toward the sludge/doom side. Manhere now still active but Bagus decided to leave the band before we ever did a gig.
Enjoy the video here:

Indo Grind Comp vol 1

 This is a compilation of Indonesian Grindcore bands. some of them are already R.I.P, on hiatus otherwise still active and kicking.
check them out:

Selasa, 09 Agustus 2011

LastKissToDieOfVisceroth video and 3 way split cd

LastKissToDieOfVisceroth is one of my side project band which play mix of screamo with post rock not unlike the lattest Envy.

Check this video which we recorded in The Club few years ago.

Also here's a download link to the 3 way split with Cancel Cancel (Singapore) and Spritz!!! (malaysia):

To Die discography on Stone age Records

here is the link to get all of To Die's release on Stone Age Records. it's a free download release. thank a heap to our mate Rizkan who help us.
Here is the link: http://www.stoneagerecords.co.cc/search/label/To%20Die

Relamati Records

welcome to this blog. this is an internet version of my label, Relamati Records which is a home made D.I.Y label from Indonesia. We've been around since 2002, releasing mostly stuff from my band, To Die or any band that I'm in or I like to release. you will find some of the past and future releases posted here as a free download. so check it out and enjoy the musick.