Kamis, 19 Januari 2012

New Releases From To Die on January 2012

1. the 4 way split tape with Ah-!!!,Pataz and AuraxKasih finally out now.

2. a preview of jogja noise bombing already out now, free download at Patirasa recs:

3. v/a gerinda gudeg violence: a compilation of 8 bands from Jogjakarta delivering all kind a style of grindcore. on 3" cdr and will be re-issued on tape later.

PLUS for Jogjakarta kids: we with a bunch of other noise kids which will had a noise bombing around the city. we will come to few public spots and start jamming with our equipments. to our friends outside Jogjakarta: dont worry, we will recorded it with video so everybody out there will be able to see what we do to have fun :) .