Kamis, 19 Januari 2012

New Releases From To Die on January 2012

1. the 4 way split tape with Ah-!!!,Pataz and AuraxKasih finally out now.

2. a preview of jogja noise bombing already out now, free download at Patirasa recs:

3. v/a gerinda gudeg violence: a compilation of 8 bands from Jogjakarta delivering all kind a style of grindcore. on 3" cdr and will be re-issued on tape later.

PLUS for Jogjakarta kids: we with a bunch of other noise kids which will had a noise bombing around the city. we will come to few public spots and start jamming with our equipments. to our friends outside Jogjakarta: dont worry, we will recorded it with video so everybody out there will be able to see what we do to have fun :) .

Sabtu, 03 Desember 2011

we are on Bandcamp!!

yes, you got it right. now we are on bandcamp. so hit them up here if you want to heard some of our releases: www.relamatirecords.bandcamp.com

split 3" cdr to die and corrupt humanity is out now!!

this is it. the new 3" cdr split between To Die and Corrupt Humanity finally out. Corrupt Humanity is one man grind from Scotland. He's also member of Atomgevviter which already done a South East Asia tour few months ago. Get the split now as it is strictly limited to 50 copies, with pro printed cover and spray painted cd's. for only Rp.10.000 by hand, Rp.15.000 by post (Indonesia). 3$ world wide

You can check Corrupt Humanity page on: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Corrupt-Humanity/178862478861440

Hook him up for possible split or compilation projects, he also has a tape label called,  Sacrificial Tapes which you could get the info here: www.sacrificialtapes.blogspot.com .

Minggu, 16 Oktober 2011

lastkisstodieofvisceroth new song from the second rehersal

check this out, the new song from LKTDOV, this is coming from a second rehersal.recorded using cellular phone but its not that shitty sound, we guess hahahaa..enjoy it..here's the link


to die new album is out now!!

yeahh, finnaly the new album of todie is out now on cdr with hand made cover made from fabric. contact us to get it..for only Rp.15.000, Rp, 20.000 by post. or 2$ for foreign, please add 2$ for the shipping

Senin, 05 September 2011

To Die with Wedness Mandra of Asangata/Bangkai Angsa on Java Grind Fast 2011

Check out the live video collaboration of To Die with Wedness Mandra of Asangata/Bangkai Angsa on Java Grind Fast 2011.
here's the link: http://www.4shared.com/video/cIwMxHSk/todie_feat__wedness_mandra_of_.html

Kamis, 01 September 2011

To Die new album 2011

it's official that To Die will released their new album in within next month. We are excited enough to announce that the cd version will be available through our label along with Burn Records. Expect some nice packaging on this one. While the double floppy disc version will be out on US based label, Opaqus Records. They will released it on 2 different colours: black and white, there will be some special item for the collector item series too.
Also expect the split of To Die and Neid (Italian grind) will be on production within next month too. Will be out on tape through 3 labels: Tv Statis, Dynamite and tarung Records.

Oh by the way, the split from To Die and Sangsaka Worship is already out on Patirasa Records. check them out here, its free: